Most Affordable Student Housing Options Near BYU-Idaho In Rexburg, Idaho for 2024

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Here is a list of some of the most affordable student housing options near BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho for 2023:

Pricing $900 – $1,000 a semester (3 months)

  1. Aspen Village: 545 S 2nd St E, Rexburg, ID​​.
  2. Pines: 140 W 2nd S, Rexburg, ID​​.
  3. Colonial Heights: 251 E 4th S, Rexburg, ID​​.
  4. Snowview: 12 W 2nd S, Rexburg, ID​​.
  5. La Jolla: 65 S 1st W, Rexburg, ID​​.
  6. College Avenue: 150 College Ave, Rexburg, ID​​.
  7. Bountiful Place: 345 W 5th S, Rexburg, ID​​.
  8. Buena Vista: 406 S 3rd E, Rexburg, ID​​.
  9. Georgetown: 236 W 3rd S, Rexburg, ID​​.
  10. Carriage House: 246 S 1st W, Rexburg, ID​​.
  11. Arcadia: 138 W 4th S, Rexburg, ID​​.
  12. Sunset Hall: 48 W 2nd S, Rexburg, ID​​.

These options vary in price and capacity, so it’s advisable to contact them directly for the most current pricing and availability details.

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